Town of Goderich

Commercials / Video

FauxPop Media and Over Yonder Aerial Works, both Goderich based companies, filmed and edited the commercial from scratch, out of their local studios. The commercial was made in Goderich, by the people of Goderich, with local residents featured throughout and all scenes filmed here in town.

It was an honour to be able to work on this project for our town. Having such a deep pool of talent in and around Goderich made it even more special for all involved. We took pride in utilizing all of our capabilities & tools on this project from cinema cameras mounted on crane Jibs, Dollies or flying drones – to using specialized lighting including one of the worlds best sunsets! We at Fauxpop Media & Overyonder Aerial (Randal Lobb ,Mark Hussey & Rob Boyce ) were thrilled to have been able to showcase what this amazing community has to offer.