Jeep Hero AD

Commercials / Video

In the fall we produced another car ad for Lake Huron Chrysler and Stan McNabb Jeep.  One dealership is in Goderich, ON and the other in Tullahoma TN.  By sharing the costs of the ad both dealerships benefit having a high quality commercial for their non-competing markets at a fraction of the budget it would cost if they did it individually.

Produced by FauxPop Media
Written and Directed by Randall Lobb
Editing / VFX / Post Production by Mark Hussey

Starring: Mathieu Burdan, Kelly Marchand

DOP: Isaac Elliott-Fisher
Aerial Cinematography: Rob Boyce
Original Soundtrack: Matthew Hussey
Grips: Jeremy Penn, Manny Hussey, Sarah Little
Color Grading: Mark Hussey